Assistantships for students in the PhD in Clinical Psychology program is a way to obtain financial assistance and gain experience within the program in a variety of settings.

Assistantships provide financial assistance while helping PhD candidates gain experience in a variety of settings. All doctoral students at Derner receive assistantships for the first four years of their enrollment and are assigned to a particular professor.

Financial Assistance

Each year, all students receive at least $15,000 in assistantships. The decision as to which students receive the larger assistantships is based on a variety of factors, including previous academic or professional accomplishments and financial need.

Work Requirement

Assistantships require one hour of work per week during the 30 weeks of the academic year for every $1,000 of financial aid. The aid is always provided in the form of tuition remission — with half of the total amount given for the fall semester, and the other half for the spring semester.

Assignment to Professors

Each assistant is assigned to a particular professor, who decides what work the student will do, and a time schedule for its completion. Students generally receive assistantships for the first four years in which they are enrolled. However, this is contingent on satisfactory academic progress in general as well as on satisfactory performance as a graduate assistant. Assistantship assignments are made based on a combination of faculty and student preferences. Every attempt is made to accommodate these preferences.

Additional Opportunities

In addition to program-specific assistantships, there are graduate assistantships offered to Derner students by other departments at Adelphi. These departments, such as Admissions and the Center for Academic Enrichment and Support, have their own budgets and make their own decisions, but they always do so after consulting with the Dean and Associate Dean.


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