Students come to the College of Professional and Continuing Studies from all ages, all backgrounds, and all stages of their lives.

What sets this College apart is personal advisors who meet with you, guide your academic path, and help you achieve your own personal goals. Here are some of those stories.

Opening Career Opportunities

V. Partridge ‘20

When I decided to go back to school to finish my degree, I thought it would be a long and difficult process. I met with the Academic Advisor for the College of Professional and Continuing Studies, Marsha Bazelais, and the process couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Marsha helped me every step of the way, and was always there to answer any question I had while providing continuous encouragement. With her help, we devised a schedule of classes for the Liberal Studies program, and I am happy to say I was able to achieve my goal of finishing my degree quicker than I expected. The classes were very informative and interesting, and taught by motivated professors who want to see their students succeed. Having a college degree has opened up more career opportunities for me, and has given me the confidence to pursue them. I am proud to say I am now an Adelphi University graduate

Graduating at Age 53

Alex Batista ‘19

Alex Batista

“Adelphi was a life-changing experience for my wife and I. I graduated in May 2019 at the ripe old age of 53. I have three children, and I always say, how can I ask my kids to stay in school, if I haven’t finished? My wife and I are both Hispanic. I was born and raised in Queens, NY, and she was born in Ecuador. Yet we both decided to finish our degrees in the Adelphi for Continuing studies.

Marsha Bazelais was so instrumental in all our collegiate achievements. She took the time to guide us through all the Major coursework requirements, advising both of us on courses and the work needed to participate. At times Marsha would work with me since I couldn’t take a required course due to work constraints. However, she was able to approach the professor and work out a plan for me to be involved in the class. She is one of the most knowledgeable and patient individuals that we encountered at Adelphi. All of the faculty are, in retrospect, Amazing!

I will always be grateful to all the professors that I have encountered in this Journey. One, in particular, was Professor Gregory Cannell, who guided me through many potential recruitment activities before me attaining my present employment. He was so helpful and willing to advise me after school since I worked during the daytime. Now, as a Business Manager working for a major international bank, I can apply many of the principles I was taught at Adelphi.”

Support, Kindness, Compassion

Mayra Pacheco ‘22

“As a CPCS student, I have experienced a tremendous amount of support, kindness, and compassion from the faculty. Since the beginning of my college career at Adelphi, my advisor, Marsha Bazelais, has been there guiding and supporting me every step of the way. The process of scheduling my classes and seeking academic advisement has never been this easy for me in the universities I attended previously. Marsha has put so much care into my future, and I truly cannot thank her enough! Being part of the Liberal Studies degree allowed me to not only take pre-requisite classes for nursing, but also classes I had interests in like film and writing.”

The Support to Get to Graduation

The College of Professional and Continuing Studies is 100% dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals, no matter how busy you are with family, work, or life. Each year at Adelphi Commencement, we celebrate students of all ages as they claim their diplomas on stage.

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