Simulate practical experience, right on campus.

Providing a wealth of opportunities, the Clinical Education and Simulation Lab (CESiL), located in the Nexus Building, is where we translate theory into practice. Our nursing students can demonstrate mastery of knowledge, develop clinical decision-making skills, and gain confidence in their abilities needed to improve healthcare outcomes.

The Nexus Building is home to the College of Nursing and Public Health’s Clinical Education and Simulation Lab—a 22-bed lab that simulates the hospital setting with all appropriate and supportive supplies and equipment.

Our state-of-the-art center includes:

  • a 22-bed lab
  • one fully functioning community health room (set up as a one-bedroom studio apartment)
  • seven clinical exam rooms
  • one pediatric exam room
  • two classrooms fully wired for testing and web conference
  • four high-fidelity mannequins
  • 20 low-fidelity mannequins
  • birthing mother mannequin
  • pediatric, newborn and child mannequins
  • an obesity suit

Our skills laboratory simulates a hospital setting with all appropriate equipment. This includes advanced patient care mannequins and simulators, as well as many other innovative educational devices.

In addition to regularly scheduled classes held in the nursing laboratory, open laboratory skills sessions are held regularly with a clinical coordinator. We provide all students with an opportunity for reinforcement of clinical learning in our ultra-modern simulation labs.

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