Be recognized for your outstanding achievements.

You should be rewarded and recognized for your nursing academic successes by joining the College of Nursing and Public Health’s Alpha Omega Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, the honor society in nursing. The Chapter’s presence is local, regional, national and international and is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2020. For more information, visit the Alpha Omega Chapter’s website.


About the Organization

Adelphi’s Alpha Omega Chapter:

  • Recognizes the achievement of scholarship and superior quality
  • Recognizes the development of leadership qualities
  • Fosters high professional standards
  • Encourages creative work
  • Strengthens commitment on the part of individuals to the ideals and purposes of the profession of nursing

Various categories of joining the Alpha Omega Chapter:

  1. Seniors graduating in the current academic year (December, May, and August) who have achieved a 3.5 GPA on the undergraduate level may be considered eligible for membership.
  2. Graduate students who have achieved a 3.5 GPA at the graduate level and who have successfully completed one-quarter of the graduate program may be considered eligible for membership.
  3. A nursing leader is a registered nurse with a minimum of a baccalaureate degree and who has demonstrated achievement in nursing.

Membership Applications

Membership applications are considered annually between November and January. Senior nursing undergraduate and graduate students must have a 3.5 GPA to be considered for membership.

Scholarship Award

The Scholarship Awards are offered to encourage and support members and potential members of the Alpha Omega Chapter who demonstrate leadership and scholarship. Baccalaureate, Masters, and Doctoral students are encouraged to apply.

Research Grants

Sigma Research Grants are awarded to active members to encourage contribution to nursing advancement through research.

Chapter Committees

Contribute to your Chapter by getting involved! All Chapter members are invited and encouraged to join the various committees by reaching out to the identified Committee Chair(s) below.

Chapter Leadership

Alpha Omega Chapter Board Members: 2018–2020
  •  President: Sarah Marshall
  • Vice President: Kimberly Velez
  • Treasurer: Joy Borrero
  • Recording Secretary: Margarett Alexandre
  • Corresponding Secretary: Mary Schafer
  • Governance Committee, Member 1: Susan Neville
  • Governance Committee, Member 2: Nicole Caliendo

  • President-Elect: Charles Cal
  • Counselor (Non-Faculty): Carmelle Bellefleur
  • Delegate I : Chelsea Wollman
  • Delegate II: Deborah Ambrosio-Mahwirter
  • Leadership Succession, Chair: Karen Mancini
  • Leadership Succession, Member 1: Beth Heydemann
  • Leadership Succession, Member 2: Marilyn Klainberg
Past Presidents/Consultants
  • Deborah Ambrosio-Mahwirter
  • Jessy Augustine
  • Carmelle Bellefleur
  • Chelsea Wollman
  • Patricia Facquet
  • Marilyn Klainberg
  • Janet Raman
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Nexus Building, 370A
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