Interested in inviting friends or family from outside the United States to visit or attend your commencement ceremony? Follow the step-by-step guide below to discover what is required and how to complete each step.

Inviting Someone to Visit the United States

A citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States for a temporary stay must secure a Visitor Visa, unless the citizenship of the visitor allows the individual entry to the U.S. through the Visa Waiver Program. Visitor visas are nonimmigrant visas for persons who want to enter the United States temporarily for tourism (visa category B-2). Under the U.S. federal law, applicants must apply on their own to visit the United States. For additional information on Tourism and Visits to the United States, please visit the Department of State.

Visitor for Tourism (B-2) Visa Steps

Interested applicants should consult the instructions of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate for specific steps and how to complete each step.
  • Complete the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application—Print the application to bring to your interview. Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160
  • Upload Your Photo— Your photo must be in the format explained in the Photograph Requirements.
  • Schedule Your Visa Interview—Wait times vary by location, season, and visa category, so apply early at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the country where you live. Visa Appointment Wait Times
  • Fees—Pay the non-refundable visa application fee. Fees for Visa Services
  • Gather Required Documentation—Prepare your passport, nonimmigrant visa application confirmation page, application fee payment receipt, photo, and details about the purpose of your trip, your intent to depart the United States after your trip, and/or your ability to pay all costs of the trip.

Invitation Resources

As a student, you can assist by providing supporting documents for the tourist visa to improve the chances of your relative obtaining a tourist visa. In addition to the documents listed, you should provide copies of your I-20 or DS-2019, Visa Stamp, and I-94 Record.

If you have registered for commencement, you can request a commencement invitation via the International Services Portal. This letter will be issued to you as the student and can be provided to your relatives for visa purposes. Once you apply for graduation, you will receive a link to register for commencement via MarchingOrder.

It is recommended that you provide your family member or friend with a personal invitation letter to support their visa application. International Services has provided a sample letter for you to use which can be found by clicking here.

When writing the letter, remember to include the following information:

  • Name and relationship to you of the visitor(s)
  • Length of visit
  • Reason for visit
  • Location where your guests will be staying
One of the most common reasons for a visa denial is the inability of the applicant to prove compelling ties to their home country or that they will return to their home country immediately after their visit to the US.  The following documents may help the applicant to demonstrate strong ties to their home country:
  • An employer’s letter describing the applicants position, annual salary, company permission for the trip, and the expected return date to employment.
  • Evidence of substantial property and investments in their home country.
  • Records of previous trips abroad.
Provide your visiting relative with a copy of your enrollment certification or degree verification. Adelphi University provides several ways to verify your enrollment or degree, including Online Access, In-Person Requests, Requests by Phone, and Requests from Third Party Organizations. You can locate how to obtain your enrollment verification or degree granted on our website – Enrollment/Degree Verification

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