Study the properties of quantum particles with hands-on laboratory activities, computer simulations, quantum circuits, and more.

This credit-bearing program is scheduled to take place from July 7-July 27, 2024 on Adelphi’s Garden City Campus.

Since its development 100 years ago, quantum mechanics has not only provided amazing insights into the fundamental nature of the universe, but also has opened up new worlds of technology, from electronics to lasers and beyond. New developments in areas such as quantum computing and quantum communications look to change the future even more.  Quantum engineering is a field where fundamental physics intersects with advanced engineering to help push the limits of these new technologies.

You will:

  • learn the basic foundations of quantum mechanics necessary to explore these advances
  • explore the properties of quantum particles, including “spooky” entangled particles, with hands-on laboratory activities, computer simulations, and more
  • study the principles of quantum computing, including an introduction to its physical implementations
  • develop key skills in quantum programming and quantum circuits
  • learn about Adelphi’s Combined Plan Program in Engineering and Applied Sciences and Mathematics with Columbia University

Student with faculty member working in engineering lab


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