Learn to design and analyze software-based systems

This credit-bearing program is scheduled to take place from July 7-July 27, 2024 on Adelphi’s Garden City Campus.

A computer science degree opens the door to a successful career in many fields including industry, research and marketing. You can work as a software engineer, systems architect or data engineer, or you can become a specialist in the quickly growing fields of cybersecurity or cryptography. This course prepares students to effectively embrace modern information technology throughout their academic and professional career. Students will explore how computers work, how to effectively use computer operating systems, explore contemporary applications and discover state-of- the-art technology.

You will:

  • explore the various fields within computer science, ranging from software engineering to data analytics and cyber security.
  • use IDLE, which is an application to program and compile Python code.
  • learn how to code computer programs by applying concepts of data types, variables, functions, conditionals, and loops.
  • Study the types of problems that can be solved using computational techniques, and identify problem-solving strategies that can be implemented using code.
  • Think algorithmically in order to design and test computer programs.

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