Gain a greater understanding of the Bill of Rights and how it has shaped the modern world

This credit-bearing program is scheduled to take place from July 7-July 27, 2024 on Adelphi’s Garden City Campus.

Students who major in political science can make their mark in law, nonprofits, business, international affairs, lobbying or advocacy. Or, they can become a policy analyst, legislative assistant, public relations/media specialist, political consultant or market researcher. In this political science course, students will examine “The Bill of Rights”—the first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution—in relation to everyday life. Particular attention will be paid to the Fourth Amendment and its protection from unreasonable government actions; the Fifth Amendment, covering the “right to remain silent,” “Due Process of Law,” “Double Jeopardy” and other rights; The Sixth Amendment’s “right to a lawyer,” to know what crime you are being charged with, and to confront your accuser; and the First Amendment’s right to freedom of religion, speech, press, peacefully protest and petitioning government for redress.

You will:

  • investigate how rights have expanded and contracted over time through practice and Supreme Court decisions. Students will be prepared to critically think about and assert their rights.
  • study the amendments as a whole and individually, with emphasis on the reasoning, development, and use of each of these amendments to better understand how citizens can protect themselves from overreach by the government.
  • learn more about Adelphi’s Pre-Professional and Joint Degree Programs in law.
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