Consider how your own education and background has influenced your interest in teaching and the type of teacher you wish to become

This credit-bearing program is scheduled to take place from July 7-July 27, 2024 on Adelphi’s Garden City Campus.

This course serves as an introduction to teaching as a career, and provides an overview of evidence-based practices of highly effective teaching and learning. In this course, students will consider, analyze, and participate in connected learning experiences- highly social and interest-driven moments that are oriented toward educational, economic, or civic opportunity. Students in this course will consider how their own education and background has influenced their interest in teaching and the type of teacher they wish to become. Through the integration of real-world skills and experience, students in this course will get a head start on college and career, helping them to build a strong plan toward a path to a rewarding career in teaching.

You will:

  • directly observe and participate in the teaching and learning process through the experiences within the West Hempstead RamPathways Summer Programming, K-12.
  • be introduced to a variety of educational strategies to engage the learning needs of the 21st century student.
  • explore the role of teacher as educational designer.
  • evaluate personal motivations, educational philosophies, and factors related to educational career decision-making.
  • think critically and engage in problem solving related to the teaching profession as demonstrated in a student-led discussions, lesson-planning, and feedback circles.
  • learn more about Adelphi’s Scholar Teacher Education (STEP) Accelerated 5-Year Program

Student teacher with two yound children in the early learning center

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