Adelphi’s Summer Pre-College Program will take place July 7-27, 2024

Please see below for our numerous on-campus, credit-bearing Summer Pre-College Program options.

Courses for College Credit

Art Foundations: Drawing and 2D Design

Use the campus as a classroom to explore contour line, value, composition and the principles of design.

Business and Society

Learn more about entrepreneurship, starting a business, and the parameters for success in business life

Computer Science and Coding

Apply the concepts of data types, variables, functions, conditionals and loops to analyze structured data and learn to code.

Digital Media Production: Filmmaking and TV

Shoot and edit your own short film, and develop skills in video editing and visual storytelling.

Introduction to Nursing as a Career and Profession

A glimpse into Nursing education, you will learn about the profession of Nursing and the various roles of a Registered Nurse.

Pre-Law: Understanding the Bill of Rights

Participate in a hands-on and all-inclusive approach of understanding the Bill of Rights. This in-depth analysis of the fundamental basis of our democracy gives students a glimpse of the fields of political science and law.

Pre-Med: Microbiology, Nutrition, and Human Disease

Engage in high-impact learning, participate in hands-on classes and lab experiences, and discover what it takes to pursue a career in the sciences and medicine.

Psychology and Pop Culture

Analyze issues of social psychology, cross-cultural communication, creativity, identity development, and mental health in numerous domains of popular culture.

Quantum Engineering

Study the properties of quantum particles with hands-on laboratory activities, computer simulations, quantum circuits, and more.

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