A Daughter Honors Her Mother’s Legacy

Ruth S. Ammon ’42

Our college name celebrates the life and legacy of Ruth S. Ammon ’42. Born in 1919, Ruth was a gifted second-grade teacher and an inspiration to her daughter, Adelphi University Past Trustee Carol A. Ammon, MBA ’79, ’10 (Hon.), DNP.

“She understood how education is the route to fulfill your dreams, become successful and touch other people’s lives,” said Dr. Ammon. “I’d like today’s students to be encouraged by her legacy and to follow her example.”

Carol Ammon’s life is rich in experiences and accomplishments, and she says she owes this to the many people who helped her along the way, especially her mother Ruth, her father and three brothers. She describes her mother as an “educator, nurturer and disciplinarian when she needed to be.” The elder Ammon instilled in her children, her students and in everyone she knew the importance of education, tenacity, resilience and of giving back to help others. Two of Dr. Ammon’s brothers entered the helping professions—John as an anesthesiologist and Frederic Ammon, MSW ’94, as a social worker. All the siblings have volunteered their time to help and educate others. “My mother indoctrinated the value of education in us, and this has served us throughout our lives,” Dr. Ammon said.

Carol A. Ammon, M.B.A. ’79, ’10 (Hon.)

Carol Ammon rose through the ranks at E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company to advance from an associate scientist in research and development to lead a management team in the buyout and founding of Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. After retiring as Endo’s CEO, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in nursing so she could pursue a second career helping improve the health of others, especially those in vulnerable communities. She is now a philanthropist who serves several nonprofit organizations as a volunteer or benefactor and has recently been awarded her doctoral degree in nursing.

In 2006, through a generous donation from Dr. Ammon in honor of her mother, the University named the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education. Now Adelphi continues to honor the Ammon legacy by naming the College the Ruth S. Ammon College of Education and Health Sciences.

In addition to the naming, the Ammon legacy provides funds for scholarships, professorships and innovation. We are grateful for Carol Ammon’s generosity.

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