Carol A. Ammon’s M.B.A. ’79, ’10 (Hon.) ties to Adelphi are many and deep rooted.

Carol A. Ammon, M.B.A. ’79, ’10 (Hon.)The Ruth S. Ammon Scholarship
The Carol Ammon Scholarship
Frederick R. Ammon Social Work Scholarship

“I am thrilled by the letters I get from recipients of the scholarships in my mother’s name. It’s enriching to be around these students. The joy I have seeing how my mother’s dream of education can live on has already been demonstrated to me in a short time.” -Carol A. Ammon, M.B.A. ’79, ’10 (Hon).

Carol A. Ammon’s M.B.A. ’79, ’10 (Hon.) ties to Adelphi are many and deep rooted. Ms. Ammon’s mother, Ruth S. Ammon ’42, earned her education degree at Adelphi. Ms. Ammon earned her master’s degree in business administration at Adelphi. Her brother Frederick Ammon, M.S.W. ’94, earned his graduate degree from the University’s School of Social Work.

Ms. Ammon, the founder and retired CEO and chairman of Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has also provided her leadership and expertise to her alma mater as a member of the University’s Board of Trustees. She has created three scholarships that will ensure the Ammon name lives on at the University and directly support students in need of scholarship funds.

In 2006, to honor her mother, a gifted second grade teacher and an inspiration to her daughter, Ms. Ammon created The Ruth S. Ammon Scholarship, which provides support for undergraduate and graduate scholarships for education students.

The Carol Ammon Scholarship, established in 2006 as a part of the Business School Challenge, supports students pursuing degrees in the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business, from which she graduated.

Most recently, in 2010, Ms. Ammon established the Frederick R. Ammon Social Work Scholarship in the name of her brother, who graduated from Adelphi’s School of Social Work with his M.S.W. in 1994.

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