Who We Are

The Ruth S. Ammon College of Education and Health Sciences was named to honor a gifted teacher and inspirational leader,  Ruth S. Ammon ’42, by  her daughter, Adelphi University Trustee Emerita Carol A. Ammon. The College offers outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs across two schools:

What We Stand For


Strive to model collaboration, scholarship, and community engagement to inspire education, health, and sport professionals to transform the world.

Our Vision

A learning community actively engaged in social change.

Core Values

Our values form the foundation of our philosophy of education. Values translate into educational goals and purposes that drive all that we do, in the classroom and beyond.

Scholarship and Reflective Practice

We believe educators and practitioners must be scholars who value and engage in lifelong learning. Our community supports the never-ending quest for knowledge, thoughtful reflection, and evolving practice.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value human dignity and diversity in all forms, embrace our differences, and honor all voices. We understand the collective power inherent in fully inclusive communities where each may meet their full potential to contribute.

Health and Wellness

Our conception of education is holistic. We understand the body, mind, and heart must be nurtured equally in all that we do.

Creativity and the Arts

Creativity and vision are strengths we value and nurture. An open, creative mindset encourages constant reflection on our world and new ways of making it more humane, just, sustainable, and beautiful.

Social Justice and Leadership

We understand that as educators and practitioners, we are inherently leaders and role models in all that we do. We work to build strong, civically engaged communities that fearlessly strive for a more just world.

Diversity Statement

As educators and practitioners, it is essential to be exposed to views and cultures in addition to our own and to have our opinions and assumptions challenged as an integral component of our curriculum. Such engagement expands our horizons, enables understanding across differences, prevents complacency and promotes intellectual breadth.

At CEHS we recognize the foundational racialization of our society and intersectional identities. We continue to advance toward our goal to fully welcome and provide a sense of belonging to all members of our community.

We seek to address the harm caused to members of all marginalized social groups including but not limited to: socio-economic status, gender and gender presentation, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, students, faculty and staff from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Understanding the collective power inherent in fully inclusive communities, we work toward eliminating various forms of privilege and centering the voices and leadership of the members of our community who have been previously excluded.

We work to include community members on and off campus in service and support towards the elimination of the social, economic and political boundaries that have historically been established and which continue to contribute toward healthcare and educational disparities.

We believe the perspectives, knowledge, expertise, and experiences brought by members from diverse groups are critical for enhancing the quality of our curriculum through teaching, research, the well-being of our community and the impact of our service to our local and global communities.

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