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Adelphi is making its mark as a premier institution for higher education. Many of these are sponsored by some of our illustrious alumni—a testimony to our graduates’ belief in the strength and value of education at Adelphi.

  • 7 Sisters Scholarship
  • WEB DuBois Scholarship

About Angela Kulewicz

Angela Bernadette Kulewicz was on this earth for 22 ½ years. She was smart, funny, and had a warm and generous heart. She was a wonderful daughter, sister, mom and friend. Her instinct was always to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Kulewicz’s talents were many. She was a gifted artist who left a number of artworks behind, including some amazing portraits using the medium she liked most—charcoal. Her favorite subject was her daughter, Reina Bernadette. Kulewicz was also a gifted musician. She was an excellent piano player (Chopin was her favorite composer) and she had a beautiful singing voice. She co-wrote a number of songs that she performed in various locales on Long Island. She was also an outstanding bowler who was MVP of her high school team and an all-league selection. She was a tough competitor.

As much as anything, Kulewicz loved to make people laugh. She was a good mimic: She could do a variety of accents and also did a mean Elvis Presley imitation. She loved to make funny faces—a favorite was to press her face against the window when you were outside and least expected it—as a way to make something less serious. She could also be stubborn, determined and focused, and she experienced both the benefits and disadvantages of these traits.

Kulewicz had just graduated from Adelphi University with her BFA in Art and Design Education. She was excited and nervous about taking the next step to be an art teacher and was putting together her résumé and lesson plans. Everyone who knew her was certain that she would be an outstanding teacher.

It is the hope of the family and friends who contributed to the scholarship that bears her name that talented future teachers will be inspired by Angela Kulewicz’s spirit, love of art and big heart.

About the Scholarship

The Angela B. Kulewicz Art and Design Education Scholarship was created by Leslie and Mark Kulewicz, MBA ’85, to honor their late daughter’s memory and spirit. The scholarship will be awarded to one deserving undergraduate upperclassman enrolled in Adelphi’s BFA in Art and Design Education program who exhibits a passion for social justice and global engagement. “The recipient should be passionate about justice and fairness just like Angela was,” said Cindy Maguire, Ph.D., Kulewicz’s favorite professor during her time at Adelphi. “I think that is the best way to honor Angela.”

Adelphi University Math and Science Initiative Award

The Adelphi SEA Program

Horace McDonell Awards

McDonell Scholarships

McDonell Fellows Program

  • Adelphi University Math and Science Initiative Award
  • Carolyn and Sung Moon Chemistry Scholarship
  • The Adelphi SEA Program
  • Horace McDonell Awards
  • Landesberg Family Fellowship
    • For chemistry and biochemistry majors only
    • For more information, please contact the Chemistry Department
  • McDonell Scholarships
  • McDonell Fellows Program
  • Philip Mark Chemistry Scholarship

Ali-Weekes Endowed Scholarship

Established by Karen Sani Ali, Esq., a first-generation college student, the Ali-Weekes Endowed Scholarship is a tribute to her parents and all they provided to her and her four sisters to ensure they had every opportunity to be accomplished and successful today. This award provides resources for a student(s) pursuing a degree in Communications, with a first preference to Digital Production and Cinema Studies, who is also dedicated to advancing diverse communities and/or underrepresented individuals. The recipient(s) must also demonstrate financial need to meet the cost of attendance, and preference will be given to a student(s) who is the first in his/her household to attend college.

Burt Hochberg Scholarship for Ethical Journalism

This scholarship is awarded to an incoming student majoring in communications with a concentration in journalism. Students who apply must have a 3.0 GPA or B high school average and will be required to submit the following: a letter of recommendation that speaks to the applicant’s writing abilities, a journalism sample, and an essay of 500 words or fewer that answers a question regarding ethical issues in the media.

Principato Filmmaking Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to a student in the department who demonstrates creativity and perseverance in the production of media.  Applicants must have a minimum of 12 credits in Communications and a minimum GPA of 2.5. The scholarship is made possible by the generous support from an alumnus of the department, Peter Principato, class of ’87.

Talent Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to incoming students each year. Students who have been accepted to Adelphi University as communications majors may apply by sending a portfolio of work relevant to the communications field. For example, films, videos, journalistic writing, podcasts, and photo essays (among other media) are all acceptable types of work. The chair of the Communications Department, along with other department faculty, will determine which students receive the scholarship.

  • Clara Bartlett Dean Scholarship
    • Presented to the outstanding junior History student
    • Amount of scholarship: $2,000
  • Patrick J. Kelly Memorial Scholarship
    • Presented to an outstanding continuing student in History who has a particular interest in European history; special consideration to qualified students who are also members of the Men’s or Women’s Lacrosse Teams
    • Amount of scholarship: $2,000
  • Robert Devlin Memorial Scholarship
    • Presented to an outstanding graduating History student entering a career in Education
    • Amount of scholarship: $500
  • Robert Ernst Memorial Scholarship
    • Presented to an outstanding History student in United States History
    • Amount of scholarship: $500
  • Wesley D. Camp Memorial Scholarship
    • Presented to the outstanding junior History student
    • Amount of scholarship: $700

For more information, please contact Nadine Agnew

Marie Louise Vazquez Scholarships in French

The Marie-Louise Pesselier Vazquez Scholarships for French majors was generously created by a devoted professor in honor of her time teaching French at Adelphi University.

All Sophomore, Junior, and Senior French majors will be considered for the awards. Scholarships are awarded based upon a student’s overall grade point average and major grade point average.

Robert G. Hartmann Scholarship for Excellence in Spanish

Academic Year 2014-2015

The criteria: a Spanish major, who has completed 30 credits, and who demonstrates significant financial need and who has at least a 2.7 GPA.

Ted & Erika Spyropoulos Foundation Scholarship for Modern Greek Studies

Two scholarships are given each year; one to a student who has completed Level 1 of Modern Greek and is continuing to Level 2, and the other to a student who has completed Level 3 of Modern Greek and plans to continue with Level 4.

The recipients are selected by the Department. Each recipient must have a GPA of at least 3.25 in Modern Greek and overall GPA of at least 3.0.

Learn more about the Ted & Erika Spyropoulos Foundation.

Smalley Family Endowment for Italian Language Studies

The Smalley Family Endowment for Italian Language Studies was established at Adelphi University, in 2013, by Patrick S. Smalley ’86, Trustee, to honor the memory of his great-grandparents, his grandparents, and his parents.

The fund will benefit students minoring in Italian, who demonstrate financial need and who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.  The fund can be used as a scholarship for tuition, or if the student is studying abroad in Italy, it can be applied to fees related to their study abroad experience.

For more information on this scholarship, please contact Raysa Amador

LGS Sue Levering Social Justice Scholarship

Background: Susan Dworkin Levering passed away on October 13, 2010 after a life of political activism. She organized demonstrations and civil disobedience projects to oppose the war in Vietnam. She was involved in supporting the anti-apartheid, anti-colonial movements in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa. She was an active feminist from her college days until the day she died. Her law practice was devoted to proving representation to the most vulnerable populations on Long Island. Her clients were almost all children. Her representation of them has been described as fierce as a tiger and their rights were protected because of Sue’s devotion to them. In her community Sue fought against racial discrimination and for better services for the disabled in her school district and in the Town of Huntington. She helped create a comprehensive AIDS education project for the Huntington School district. Her life exemplifies the idea of the committed citizen. For Sue, speaking truth to power was a way of life. Her legacy will be those who continue the work to make the world a more just, humane, and peaceful place that defined her life.

The Sue Levering Social Justice Scholarship was established at Adelphi University in 2011 by Dr. Les Baltimore, Associate Provost of Academic Affairs and Professor of History in memory of his wife, Susan Dworkin Levering.

Criteria: The Sue Levering Social Justice Scholarship is awarded each year to a full-time undergraduate sophomore, junior, or senior level student who is enrolled at Adelphi University in the Levermore Global Scholars Program. The applicant must demonstrate financial need; have a minimum college cumulative grade point average of 3.0; and, show social justice activity on the college level.

The Steven J. Rubin Outstanding Levermore Global Scholar Award

The Steven J. Rubin Outstanding Levermore Global Scholar Award is awarded to a graduating senior in the Levermore Global Scholars Program, based on the following criteria: academic excellence, involvement in community service/engagement, university leadership, and best embodying the values and goals of the program.

For more information, please contact Peter J. DeBartolo

Adelphi University Math and Science Initiative Award

The Adelphi SEA Program

Horace McDonell Awards

McDonell Scholarships

McDonell Fellows Program

Talent Scholarship Incoming full-time students declaring the major in Music or Music Education who demonstrate exceptional talent and potential are eligible for this scholarship.

Amount is based upon candidate’s talent and potential as demonstrated during their audition. For music education students, consideration is given to their interview as well.

The Adelphi University/Friends of Oheka Otto Kahn Music Award Adelphi University has partnered with Friends of OHEKA, Inc., in honoring the memory of Otto Kahn, an early 20th century banker and philanthropist, who gave generously during his lifetime to support talented and struggling artists. We are pleased that you have agreed to submit a teacher/instructor recommendation for a deserving student studying music or music education.

This music award with Adelphi University of up to $10,000 a year is separate and distinct from the annual Friends of OHEKA Otto Kahn Award of $2,500. (The Friends’ awards are available to graduating seniors, attending public high schools in the Town of Huntington, who wish to continue their training in the fine arts, performing arts, and music. These applications are sent directly to the high schools in March and awards are presented in June of the same year).

  • Amount of scholarship: up to $10,000

For more information, please contact Sidney Boquiren

Mary Ann Baraco Klement ’71, MS ’73, Endowed Fund for Physics Research

Mary Ann Barraco Klement earned a bachelor’s and a master’s in physics at Adelphi. Always interested in quantum mechanics, she joined Northrop Grumman, a leader in aerospace innovation, where she served as program manager and proposal leader for Phase I of the Global Hawk Unmanned Air Vehicle Program. This fund provides an annual award to support the funding of faculty and student research in the physics department.

Dr. Edward A. Burke Award in Physics was established in the early 1980s for physics majors in memory of Adelphi Professor Edward A. Burke.

Ricky Guy Physics Award

Scholarships available to all science majors

Adelphi University Math and Science Initiative Award

The Adelphi SEA Program

Horace McDonell Awards

McDonell Scholarships

McDonell Fellows Program

Talent award(s) For acting & design/technology majors. Acting majors must audition and design/technology majors will have their portfolio reviewed.

  • Amount of scholarship: up to $10,000
  • For more information, please contact Nicholas Petron

Jonathan Larson Known for composing and writing the musical Rent, he attended & graduated from Adelphi in 1982. This scholarship was created by his parents in his honor.

  • Amount of scholarship: varies
  • For more information, please contact Nicholas Petron

McLeod scholarship Created based on emergency need.

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