Stephen Goldberg ’69 and Lois (Portnoy) Goldberg ’69

Stephen Goldberg '69 and Lois (Portnoy) Goldberg '69“After a baseball game, we were at the school pub in Garden City,” recalls Lois Goldberg (Portnoy). She and Steve, a varsity baseball and basketball player, had come separately. She was with a male friend. He was with a group of friends. “We both caught each other’s eye and kept staring and smiling at each other,” says Lois. Thinking they had made a connection, Steve mustered up the nerve to ask Lois to dance. She wanted to, but turned him down. She had also just turned down the friend she was with, explaining that she wasn’t interested in him. She didn’t want to deepen the wound by hitting the dance floor with Steve. Needless to say, Steve’s rejection was cause for a good ribbing from his friends. Lois’s friend left early, but she decided to stay. “I tapped Steve on the shoulder and told him I could dance now.” They started dating, but ended up going separate ways after graduation. They did, however, keep tabs on each other through a mutual friend. Both were working in New York City, Steve on Wall Street, Lois first at the United Nations and later in public affairs for the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission. In October 1973-four years after graduation- Steve tracked Lois down and asked her out. “I had a date but told him I was free on Saturday night; he also had a date but cancelled it,” remembers Lois. A month later, they were engaged. They married on February 14, 1974. Their daughter Tania is now 45 and married. Steve is president and COO of his own business, TLS International, which designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells men’s and women’s hats. Lois is CEO of TLS International. Both Lois and Steve get back to campus. They have attended each of their reunions and in June 2004 attended the graduation of their niece, Rachel Smirnoff.

Alexa Pawlikowski ’19 and Brian Tracy ’19

Alexa and Brian's engagement photos taken at Adelphi'ed Garden City Campus

Photographer: Hannah from Jaylim Studios @jaylimstudio on social media.

Alexa Pawlikowski ’19 and Brian Tracy ’19 met in their junior year at Adelphi, where they were both exercise science majors (now both Physical Therapists). They graduated in 2019 and recently got engaged, this past September. When it came time to take engagement pictures, they couldn’t think of a better place than Adelphi’s Garden City campus. Congratulations Alexa and Brian!

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