The services below are available to help make Adelphi services available to all students. Certain accommodations require students to document their disability with the Student Access Office.

In order to be eligible for accommodations and adjustments, you must submit a completed Petition for Reasonable Accommodations and Academic Adjustments form along with any required documentation of your disability.

Classroom and Campus Accommodations

Accessible Classrooms and Campus

Students must complete a Petition for Reasonable Accommodations and Academic Adjustments. Access ramps are located throughout the Garden City campus.

Assistive Technology

Specialized equipment to aid in learning for a variety of disabilities, including low vision and d/Deaf/HOH.

Reduced-Distraction Testing Environment, Extended Test Time and More

We understand that you may require special testing accommodations due to your disability. Please fill out the Petition for Reasonable Accommodations and Academic Adjustments and specify what accommodations you may need.

Reasonable Flexibility to Attendance Policy

Attendance is an essential requirement of most courses at Adelphi University. Students are generally required to attend class and follow the attendance policy established by the instructor in each class. Federal law requires colleges and universities to consider reasonable modification of attendance policies if required to accommodate a student’s disability. We’ve developed the Flexibility to Attendance Policy to address this issue.

Sign Language Interpreters

Sign language interpreting services can be arranged for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Students must adhere to certain protocols in order to receive interpreting services.

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