Speech-to-text software is voice recognition technology that turns spoken words into written words. Use these tools to help take notes, write a paper, and more.

Google Speech to Text

  • Google Speech to Text has good accuracy for transcribing spoken words to text.
  • To utilize this feature:
    • Open Google Docs.
    • Create a blank document or enter an existing document
    • Select Tools on the toolbar. And select Voice Typing. (Note: Must allow google to the use of your microphone to be able to use)

Microsoft Learning Tools

  • Microsoft Learning Tools can be found in the newest version of Microsoft Office which you can get for free as an Adelphi student.
  • Learning Tools offers: Text Spacing increases the spacing between words, characters, and lines.
    • Syllables shows breaks between syllables, to improve word recognition and pronunciation.
    • Read Aloud lets you hear your document as each word is highlighted.
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