Social Training Center

The Social Training Center (STC) is a comprehensive support and guidance program for students and their families within the community who have high functioning autism (HFA) or Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). STC’s goal is to provide therapeutic and support services to high school and college-aged individuals with AS and their families to help them negotiate life adjustments such as the social, academic and vocational challenges that face them throughout their lives.

Most adolescents and young adults with AS want to find a safe forum to discuss and explore topics that can be very difficult to address. STC will provide group and individual processing opportunities to students who have AS in order to enable them to share and explore their experiences dealing with disabilities in areas such as understanding social cues, executive functioning difficulties, family dynamics, sexuality and dating concerns, establishing and maintaining relationships, and work-related problems.

Available Services
The Social Training Center provides ongoing therapeutic and support services in groups and individual counseling sessions to high school and college-aged individuals, between ages 15–22, with a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism.  Each group is comprised of individuals matched according to age, interests, and developmental needs. 

Group and individual sessions are offered on weekday evenings.  Each group session is 60 minutes long, and each individual session is 45 minutes long.  The majority of the sessions will be offered at the Hy Weinberg building of Adelphi University in room 112, others may be offered, at the University Center building, in room 302.

Support Staff
The support staff of STC is comprised of therapists who have a specialization in working with individuals with AS, a certified Adelphi University faculty member, and a graduate student from the Adelphi University Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies.

Fees (to be determined)
Each participant will be charged a moderate fee for individual and group sessions.

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To find out more about our high functioning autism support center services, please contact:

The Social Training Center
Gordon F. Derner Institute
Hy Weinberg Center, Room 112, Garden City, NY 11530
p - 516.237.8579
f - 516.877.4754
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