Empowering Adelphi University faculty and students in the ethical and responsible utilization of AI in higher education.

The multidisciplinary Artificial Intelligence (AI) Task Force was established by the Office of the Provost to identify opportunities for AI to be used in teaching and research, develop a strategic plan for AI at Adelphi University, raise awareness of AI among faculty members and students, and ensure that AI is used ethically and responsibly.

The task force, chaired by Associate Professor A. Hasan Sapci, MD, comprises several faculty members and staff who are responsible for overseeing, planning, implementing, and managing academic programs, research, student services, and administrative processes.

In March, the task force presented its first report on the “Implications of Artificial Intelligence-Based Content Generators” to the Board of Trustees and highlighted the potential benefits and challenges of AI for education. The task force is currently developing recommendations for faculty and students on using AI ethically and responsibly.

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