Adelphi University’s diverse, brilliant and innovative faculty is among its greatest strengths. We seek out and develop scholars and artists whose dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and creativity is matched by their passion for teaching and supporting our students’ success.

The University is committed to fostering the growth and scholarship of our faculty members, and has created initiatives designed to support and recognize their extraordinary work.

Faculty Mentoring Academy

The Office of the Provost is committed to faculty retention, creating an atmosphere of advocacy and respect, and ensuring accessibility for its entire faculty by offering an active faculty mentoring program.

Faculty Diversity Initiatives

The Academic Diversity Implementation Team (ADIT) is a faculty-led initiative with support from the Office of the Provost and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB).

Viret Family Faculty Leadership Fellows

The Viret Family Faculty Leadership Fellows Program, established in 2017, provides Adelphi faculty members with leadership development opportunities that advance their careers and inspire innovation. Each fellow undertakes a consequential project of importance to the University in support of its M2 strategic plan goals.

Recognition and Awards

The University and the Office of the Provost have instituted programs to honor and recognize the outstanding teaching and scholarly and creative work of our faculty members. From annual Faculty Excellence Awards to Faculty Development Grants, celebrating our faculty’s work is an important part of Adelphi’s culture.

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Adelphi is committed to promoting, encouraging and supporting our faculty’s research endeavors and creative pursuits. One way we do this is by dedicating an office solely for this mission. Our Research and Sponsored Programs team is an expert resource for finding and managing grants and other funding opportunities.

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