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The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is an online aptitude test that was developed by ATI to provide prospective students with information regarding overall academic preparedness for nursing school.


Undergraduate transfer students applying for admission to the College of Nursing and Public Health need to take the ATI TEAS. High school seniors, accelerated BS in nursing program applicants and graduate applicants do not need to take the ATI TEAS.

The test consists of four sections, 170 multiple-choice items, and takes a total of four hours to complete.

Adelphi University recommends the following study guide to students who wish to prepare: ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills Study Manual. This study guide can be purchased via the ATI Online Store.

An adjusted individual total score above or equal to 58.7% is required for admission to the undergraduate nursing program.

Two attempts to achieve passing scores on the ATI TEAS are allowed per admission cycle.

The minimum time frame between a first attempt and a repeat attempt is 45 days. A second set of scores that is received earlier than 45 days from the first set of scores will not be reviewed. A third set of scores in any one admission cycle will not be reviewed. The total maximum number of attempts allowed for any one student is three.

Your test results will only be available to you via your online ATI account in approximately five-to-seven business days. Adelphi University will not release scores to individual students.

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