Adelphi University Women's Giving Circle presented stethoscopes to 343 College of Nursing and Public Health juniors beginning their clinical courses in Fall 2021.

As further proof of Adelphi’s commitment to launching new generations of healthcare heroes, in August 2021, the Adelphi University Women’s Giving Circle presented stethoscopes to 343 College of Nursing and Public Health juniors beginning their clinical courses in Fall 2021.

A card accompanying each stethoscope package said, “Use this stethoscope well and let it carry you through your education and into your practice!”

The mission of the Women’s Giving Circle is to celebrate, promote and support the University, its students, faculty and programs. Through its collective financial giving and the donation of time and talent, this organization is committed to enhancing the Adelphi community, forging new relationships and uniting a diverse group of effective women philanthropists.

Many CNPH alumni are active members of this philanthropic group, including Chelsea (Wollman) Imbriano ’14, who serves as WGC chair. Imbriano recalled how special her first stethoscope was to her. Not only was it a significant tool that she would proudly wear around her neck for the rest of her career, but it also symbolized her transition from student to nurse.

In Spring 2021, when the WGC was discussing their options for where they could donate their annual funds, Imbriano proposed a way that would raise awareness to the dedication of frontline nurses, while also honoring and thanking the brave Adelphi students who were entering what has, during the pandemic, become a very challenging profession, both mentally and physically.

“COVID-19 has impacted all of us in many ways,” Imbriano stated, “but what I’ve learned is that we [nurses] can handle anything that is thrown at us. We all had the resiliency to come together to be our strongest when our patients and their families were at their weakest moments.”

The significance and generosity of the donation was also recognized at the CNPH executive leadership level. Interim Dean Maryann Forbes, PhD ’99, observed, “Our junior-level nursing students were just beginning their very first nursing clinical rotation. They were so pleased and excited to receive their new stethoscopes. The faculty and students of the CNPH are grateful for the leadership, generosity and ongoing support of the Women’s Giving Circle.”

Deborah Ambrosio Mawhirter ’81, MS ’95, EdD, CNPH associate clinical professor and a member of the Women’s Giving Circle, echoed the sentiment. “Our students were delighted by the generosity of the Women’s Giving Circle as they received a thoughtful gift—their first ‘tool,’ a stethoscope. To our students, these gifts represented the learning of vital skills of the nursing profession and embarking on clinical courses. As faculty, we saw how grateful our students were for Adelphi community support from the Women’s Giving Circle for our future healthcare heroes.”

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