A happy graduate hugs her professor on Commencement day. An older graduate wears a cap that says "Oh, the Places I'll Go."
Adelphi students celebrate their achievements on Commencement day.

For higher education, student retention has become mission critical.

Students who do not finish their degree often face lifelong challenges: They earn 44 percent less, on average, and lack the college degree that would make repaying loans more manageable, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Adelphi University, New York, has made extraordinary strides in this area, using these strategies:

Increasing student success through affordability

Adelphi eliminated the high GPA requirement for students to maintain their academic scholarships, allowing them to focus on completing their degree. In Fall 2023, 100 percent of all first-year admitted students received financial aid. And a new One-Stop Student Services Center simplifies the often overwhelming financial aid process.

Increasing student success through coaching, counseling and advisement

Introductory workshops to University resources help undecided students settle on majors. A nationally recognized Mentoring Program boasts a 100 percent graduation rate. And a new general education curriculum, PATH (Preparation, Awareness, Transformation and Hands-On Learning), helps students discover their unique strengths.

Transforming student success by widening access

As of January 2024, Adelphi has  added 34 online programs, allowing parents and working students to access higher education. A new Finish Line Program was created to help students who left college complete their degree. The award-winning Bridges to Adelphi program welcomes students on the autism spectrum.

Transforming student success through academic shifts

Two academic programs recently won Inspiring Programs in STEM awards from Insight Into Diversity for improving accessibility. A new program, Ensuring STEM Student Success Through an Integrative Support, was funded by a $2.49 million grant from the National Science Foundation and will support high-achieving students from low-income families.

Transforming student success through a more welcoming campus environment

Feeling welcome, safe and accepted on campus is a key component of student success. Adelphi is now home to 30 multicultural student clubs and organizations. A newly built Multicultural Center promotes an inclusive and welcoming learning environment.

The graduation rate at Adelphi is now 16 percent higher than the national average, reflecting the success of these strategies.

Strong gains in student success have resulted in a dramatic jump in Adelphi’s U.S. News & World Report rankings. Explore the latest news.



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