What is MCC and what is its history?

Founded in October 2003, the Adelphi University Multicultural Chapter (MCC) was established to recognize, embrace and celebrate diversity. Today the chapter supports the University’s goals in advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism efforts, including student mentorship, scholarship and professional development. MCC offers a space for our diverse community to come together in fellowship, rekindle memories and create new ones, all under the banner of multiculturalism.

Please tell us about the current leadership. Who are you and what inspired you to serve in this capacity?

The MCC leadership consists of four alumni leaders from the classes of 2006 to 2011. While we vary in experiences both in and out of Adelphi, we all have a strong desire to honor the mission of those who came before us and to support Adelphi’s current multicultural students and initiatives.

What are the short- and long-term goals of MCC—and anticipated outcomes?

It’s an exciting time for MCC. While the mission of the chapter is always paramount, the vision evolves from leadership to leadership. The focus of the current leadership is to continue to build our community by bringing onboard alumni who are unfamiliar with our history, cultivate relationships with students of color to establish a pipeline of leadership for future members, and financially support scholarships and programs that celebrate diversity.

Do you have events and initiatives planned for this semester? If so, what are they and how do they relate to your mission?

MCC strives to engage our members in virtual activities that increase knowledge, networking and empowerment. We have continued our alumni discussions, focusing on civic activism as well as the COVID-19 vaccine, and have honored members during Women’s History Month. You can find recordings of these events online. Future topics include the multicultural student experience and how the arts imitate life. We also hold our annual membership meeting in the fall as part of Spirit Weekend. Check out our Facebook page for more information.

Is there anything in particular you’d like the Adelphi University community to know about you?

MCC would like to reintroduce ourselves. We would like the Adelphi University community to take notice of the work we’re doing and support our efforts. MCC is dedicated to supporting our alumni network, while positively influencing multicultural student success at Adelphi. We are using our Adelphi foundation to push our communities further while remaining true to our cultural identities.

How can alumni get involved in the work of MCC?

Alumni can get involved with MCC by attending events in order to get on our mailing list. This is the best way to learn about new and upcoming events, as well as future opportunities to get involved as MCC expands its work. Have ideas? Feel free to message us at

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