Christine was the first person working in digital media and marketing for Sony Music Entertainment's RCA Inspiration.

Member of Adelphi University’s 10 Under 10.

Director, Digital Marketing, RCA Inspiration, Sony Music Entertainment; Dancer, Model, Actress

“Adelphi provided me with a solid foundation…I know I can use the knowledge I gained at Adelphi wherever I go.”

When Christine Anderson was applying for a position at Sony Music Entertainment, she didn’t wait to be asked what she had to offer the company. “It was a highly sought-after job and one that required someone with digital marketing expertise,” she said. “I came into the interview prepared. I proposed plans I had and ideas I wanted to implement. I started working before getting the job.”

In 2008, when she was hired, Anderson was the first person working in digital media and marketing for RCA Inspiration, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. She was hired as the Digital Marketing Manager, reporting directly into the General Manager of the label to build and grow the department.

Throughout the years, Christine has established a reputation as being hard working, creative, and a digital disruptor. Her innovative campaigns and their results resulted in multiple promotions. Today, as Director of Digital Marketing for RCA, she works with dozens of departments and hundreds of people throughout Sony.

A member of the creative team that builds artists’ websites, she works closely with project managers, developers and designers. You can find her working with A&R when she is creating lyric videos for artists. If she is executing fan engagement campaigns, she is partnering with marketing, and when working to release artist’s music or content to digital platforms and streaming providers, she’s managing that hand in hand with sales and production.

“At most labels, there is a dedicated resource to cover each digital marketing channel. You may have a social media manager, ecommerce manager, digital publicist, email marketing manager, or a content manager that handle tasks in their respective channels,” she said. In contrast, Anderson is the only person working digital marketing, and handling all of these endeavors from conception to launch, for RCA Inspiration.

She does everything, including building and executing digital marketing campaigns that grow and scale her artists and their music and video releases. When gospel artist Kirk Franklin released his song, I Smile in 2011, Anderson created its lyric video—the first ever in the gospel/inspiration genre. Within the first few weeks, that video had a million views. She also ran a marketing campaign on his Facebook page. “We asked fans to submit their best smile to be featured in his official music video,” she said. “People from all walks of life shared their pictures. It was exciting to watch the submissions come in from around the world. We received thousands of entries.”

One of her favorite parts of her job is the fact that she receives direct feedback from the people she is trying to reach. “In the digital world you can measure the effectiveness of a campaign and fan engagement through analytics, data and dashboards plus what’s great about social media specifically is that we can instantly determine impact and sentiment directly from fans through comments, direct messages, tweets and posts,” she said.

Over the course of her many years at Sony, Anderson has been invaluable to the growth of RCA’s digital media and marketing department, but her successes don’t end there. She also has a career outside of her role at Sony. An actress, dancer, and model, she has been featured as a model for brands such as TAG Body Spray, Footlocker and Good Morning America, acted in television shows such as Law and Order and films like Disney’s Old Dogs with Bernie Mac as well as commercials and industrials for many notable brands. She has performed at the MTV Video Music Awards and many other dance projects.

Anderson credits Adelphi with preparing her to multitask and manage her time effectively enough to accomplish everything she wants to pursue professionally and personally. At Adelphi she “worked at almost every department on campus,” from the Office of Human Resources to Auxiliary Services to the Fitness Center.  She also taught total body fitness and dance classes, and she and her sister Crystal Anderson ’04, M.B.A. ’05 founded the Adelphi Hip Hop team and participated in intramurals, all on top of the time she dedicated to her classes and studying.

She is grateful to Adelphi for the education she received. “Adelphi provided me with a solid foundation,” she said. “I know I can use the knowledge I gained at Adelphi wherever I go.”

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