In her new job, Alexandra Aug ’16 is a roadie, teacher, actor and producer for the traveling Missoula Children’s Theatre Company.

In her new job at the Missoula Children’s Theatre, Alexandra Aug ’16 is a roadie, teacher, actor and producer. And she’s having a blast.

The Missoula Children’s Theatre, based in Missoula, Montana, has two programs—a community theater production company and the world’s largest touring children’s theater company. Aug is working with the touring company, which travels around the country teaching plays to children.  

She heard about the job through a friend and knew she would feel enriched by the work. After an audition and internship at the New England Theatre Conference, she landed a 12-month contract.

“It’s an extremely humbling job,” Aug said. “Most of the towns we go to don’t get arts funding, so the week that we’re there is the only play they’ll do for an entire year. Being that burst of joy for one week in these children’s lives is just incredible.”

Aug’s multiple responsibilities include four-hour rehearsals Monday through Friday teaching the children the play, two performances on Saturday and workshops for the community. She also manages the costumes, the set and the lights, fills out necessary paperwork and drives to a new town every week. Despite the hard work, she couldn’t be more thrilled to be traveling and teaching.

“I love to share my passion with people; I want to get people just as excited as I am, “Aug said. “Acting is everything to me and it means so much to me that I can inspire future artists through theater. I love to travel and see new places, so that’s another reason that a touring job like this fits me.”

For Aug, working at Adelphi as an Orientation leader and as a tour guide in the Office of University Admissions taught her how to be energetic and outgoing around people she may not know.

She credits Nicholas Petron, M.A. ’73, professor and chair of the Department of Theatre, for giving her confidence as a director and a working actor and Margaret Lally ’82, associate professor, who taught her that “there is no substitute for being prepared.”      

Alexandra Aug ’16

Alexandra Aug ’16 is having a blast working at the Missoula Children’s Theatre in Montana.

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