To ensure a safe 2021–2022 academic year, we continue to monitor and make adjustments as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, including in light of the recent emergence and threat of the Delta variant.

General Guidance

Our University remains subject to New York state and Nassau County guidance for preventing and reducing the spread of COVID-19, which can change based on public health concerns. We are also adhering to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and utilizing best practices and recommendations developed by the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU) in New York in collaboration with a public health consultant.

Virtual (Zoom, Google Chat, etc.) and smaller outdoor gatherings are still encouraged for meetings and events. These are the safest options because in-person gatherings increase the risk of viral transmission.

The following guidelines will remain in effect until further notice:

The event, meeting and gathering requirements apply to University-sponsored events, meetings and gatheringson or off campus—for all attendees, including students and employees. These requirements are not the same as those for the classroom, dining halls, residence halls or offices/workspaces.

Adelphi’s COVID-19 policies and protocols are contingent upon public health conditions and the requirements of New York state and are therefore subject to change. Event organizers may be required to modify or cancel the event depending on these factors.

Requirements for ALL Adelphi Meetings and Events: Both On and Off Campus

All University-sponsored events, meetings and gatherings—whether on campus or off campus—must comply with the following requirements:

  • Participant/Attendee List: Event organizers must maintain an attendee/participant list for purposes of contact tracing should someone attending the event test positive for COVID-19. This list must include first name, last name, best contact phone number and external email address for all participants.
  • Daily Health Screening: All individuals must prove completion of the same-day health screening by either showing a green screen on their device or printed proof of their result prior to entry of the venue (on or off campus). The event host is responsible for coordinating with the venue regarding protocols for checking daily health screening compliance. If the event is outdoors, the event host is responsible for establishing protocols for checking the daily health screening before individuals are permitted entry into the outdoor event.
  • Event Duration: All events should be three hours or less in duration.
  • Affiliates, Vendors and Visitors: Event organizers seeking to host an event, meeting or gathering that includes affiliates, vendors and/or visitors must use the following event attendance requirements:
    • On-Campus Events: Adelphi University event hosts/organizers are not permitted to ask participants about their vaccination status, however, to be cleared to attend an on-campus event, affiliates, vendors and visitors must provide proof of vaccination and/or a negative test for COVID-19 within 72 hours prior to coming to campus. These must be submitted to Health Services at This applies to all individuals attending and working at all indoor events unable to socially distance or exceeding 50 persons.
      Additional Requirements for On-Campus Events
    • Off-Campus Events: If your event is off campus, you must comply both with Adelphi University-specific requirements stated here and venue-specific guidance. Attendees participating in University-sponsored events that are held in off-campus venues that require proof of vaccination for entry should provide that proof directly to the venue—not to the Adelphi University event organizer.
      Additional Requirements for Off-Campus Events

Our health and wellness leadership will continue to monitor the public health situation and actively communicate updates to our policies. Adelphi’s latest guidance is always available on our COVID-19 website.

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