Students may not have to return to campus in order to be enrolled for the 2020-2021 academic year. If your courses reflect a fully online schedule, you are permitted to complete your courses remotely, without returning to campus. You are encouraged to work with your academic advisor to finalize your schedule and course modalities.

No. Students should work with their assigned academic adviser on their schedule to select courses designed for online learning, allowing them to engage in the way they desire. The 2020-2021 academic year will be very fluid, and there may be times when students are unable to attend classes due to quarantines or other health and safety issues. Adelphi has retrofitted classrooms with high-quality technology which will enable uninterrupted delivery of content so that students can continue their education safely and without taking health and safety risks for themselves or others.

Visit the University bookstore online and place your textbook order. The bookstore will ship your materials directly to you. If you have any questions, email the bookstore at and a manager will respond to you shortly.

The format and method of delivery of courses will be determined by your individual faculty member. Courses will be classified as one of four modalities (traditional in-person, hybrid/blended, online, and hyflex), combining online and virtual learning with on-campus classroom instruction where it can be provided safely and when it is essential to the academic needs of the course curriculum.

  • Traditional in-person courses (0-29 percent of coursework is delivered online, the majority being offered in person.)
  • Hybrid/blended courses (30-79 percent of coursework is delivered online.)
  • Online courses (100 percent of coursework is delivered online, either synchronously at a designated day and time or asynchronously as a self-paced, deadline-driven course.)
  • Hyflex (Students may choose to attend either in-person or live-streamed sessions as desired; live sessions are also recorded, offering students the option to participate live, synchronously or asynchronously.)

Classes being offered as “traditional, in-person classes” will abide by all social distancing and safety regulations including mandatory use of facial coverings and six feet distancing measures. Additionally, some classrooms may feature a movable plexiglass barrier as an added layer of protection. For those courses offered as traditional in-person learning experiences, online sessions will be made available. You will be expected to attend and participate on campus, however, accommodations will be made on an as-needed basis for individual circumstances.

Online classes will be customized by each faculty member and may include watching lectures or videos, which may be live or pre-recorded, submitting reflections on lectures and other course material, participating in both live virtual discussions and discussion boards, submitting assignments online, and taking exams online, to name a few.

You are encouraged to work with your academic advisor to finalize your schedule and course modalities.

Tuition will not vary between online and in-person classes because both options offer the same academic content and ability for students to earn credit. We are working very hard to ensure a high-quality academic experience and a robust offering of student life opportunities. All educational and support services will continue to be offered, utilizing a combination of in-person, telephone and web-based platforms.

Throughout the summer, Adelphi professors completed expanded professional development overseen by Adelphi’s instructional designers. This includes our five-week intensive Online Academy, along with additional professional development workshops through our partnership with the Online Learning Consortium, an established leader in this field. Adelphi is committed to delivering a planned and intentional experience.

The number of students in each classroom will vary based on classroom size. Classroom layouts will be reconfigured and enrollments adjusted to ensure that there will be a minimum of six feet between individuals at all times, in compliance with social distancing mandates.

The pass/no-credit option was provided for the spring 2020 semester given the sudden disruptive shift mid-semester. This option was extended for the fall 2020 semester. Routine grading policies are expected to return during the spring 2021 semester.

Yes – the updated Academic Calendar can be found online.

Due to local and state health experts’ anticipation of increased COVID-19 cases following the increased travel and gatherings during the Thanksgiving holiday, a task force of representatives from the Office of the Provost, Faculty Senate, Student Government Association and Graduate Student Council recommended and adopted a shift to remote classes and activities beginning on November 30, 2020 and extending through the final examination period. There may be some exceptions for critical activities such as clinical training that will continue in person after Thanksgiving. Students will be notified of these exceptions.

Additionally, for similar reasons related to increased travel risks, the Spring 2021 break has been redesigned as a series of separate standalone mini-breaks as indicated throughout the academic calendar.

We encourage you to speak with your academic advisor if you have concerns about taking classes this academic year. With a variety of modalities available, you will have the opportunity to customize your schedule as needed. Additionally, we expect student life and co-curricular activities to continue, following all public health guidelines for face coverings, social distancing, and group size. While COVID-19 has altered our “typical” academic year, we still look forward to delivering you a world-class, personalized and highly supportive Adelphi experience – all while prioritizing your health and safety.

Yes, your academic adviser is happy to meet with you to answer any questions that you may have and to help you prepare for this academic year. For additional assistance, please feel free to contact the Office of Academic Services and Retention.

The usual absence policies and procedures apply for in-person, hybrid, online, and hyflex classes. If you are sick and cannot participate in classes or finish assignments, please notify your instructor via email as soon as possible.

For students who are not ill but must quarantine as a precaution, there will be access to online learning so as not to lose valuable time or learning experiences. Every room will have the ability to record classes. Professors will either record lessons or provide content in an alternative manner so that students can continue their studies. For students who may be ill and unable to attend classes, students will notify their instructor(s) and develop a customized plan. Our entire community understands the need for flexibility and understanding.

Each of our professional programs that offer or require internships or field placement work are engaging with external partners to determine capacity for our students for the 2020-2021 academic year. We are working with accrediting organizations and New York state for approved internship and field placement locations and activities to assure that students will have the necessary required hours. In addition, we will offer an extensive number of virtual internships, both internationally and domestically, through our new Innovation Center.

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