Does your office or department need student workers to assist in completing projects? By hiring a student, you provide them with real-world experience and expert guidance that can become invaluable in their future endeavors.

Student Worker Action Team Jobs

Student Worker Action Team jobs are short-duration jobs on campus, available regardless of financial aid status.

Hire a Panther

A way to put our students to work on projects or research that are important to the University


Post any position openings you have on Handshake.

Campus Employment/Federal Work-Study

We will indicate on each student application the amount of the Federal Work-study award or an exemption to work under Campus Employment. International students will be granted an exemption for the year as they are not eligible for Federal Work-study. Other students must complete the FAFSA to determine if a permanent exemption can be made. Temporary exemptions will be granted to allow time for the application process.

Transfers of funds between Work-study and Campus Employment should be handled by the person usually authorized to make transfers for your department. If requesting additional campus employment funds, this authorized individual must contact the Budget Office, rather than the Center for Career and Professional Development.

Student Payroll

A completed/signed form and application should be submitted to Human Resources. First-time university hires must bring documentation for work authorization to Human Resources in Levermore Hall. Any student who has previously been hired by the University will already have work authorization on file.

Please note: The student must not start employment and cannot be paid until all documentation is completed. The University is subject to fines and penalties if these forms are not completed prior to date of hire.

As soon as a student starts work, request a payroll schedule from HR. Students can fill out and submit their time cards within CLASS. Students’ paychecks will be available from the department which first hired the student this semester.

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