Want to get involved with the Bridges to Adelphi program? We offer many different opportunities for undergraduate students, graduate students as well as campus organizations.

To inquire about specific opportunities, email bridges@adelphi.edu specifying which position you are interested in as well as your résumé.

Internships and Grad Employment

The Bridges to Adelphi program offers different employment opportunities and internship placements to undergraduate and graduate Adelphi students. Available positions include academic coach, learning strategist, executive organizer, social coach, peer mentor supervisor and vocational coach.

Peer Mentors

Each first-year Bridges student is assigned a peer mentor. Peer mentors are volunteer undergraduate students who are extremely involved on campus. It is through this relationship that students model appropriate social behaviors and find ways to become more active and involved on campus. Peer mentors become an outstanding support system for our students and we have seen many friendships and meaningful relationships flourish through this program.

Campus Collaborations

The Bridges to Adelphi program enjoys collaborating with on-campus organizations in creative ways for events and tables. If you have an idea for a possible collaboration and would like to run it by the program please email bridges@adelphi.edu.

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