Gain hands-on experience with internships.

Adelphi’s proximity to New York City provides an opportunity for you to gain experience in the communications capital of the world through internship and research opportunities.

To be eligible for internship placement you must:

Register for COM 493, Be a junior or senior, Earn a minimum 2.8 GPA and Receive department approval.

Some of our communications majors have interned at such leading professional organizations as:

Washington Center

The Department of Political Science offers a semester in Washington, D.C., under the guidance of the Washington Center (WC). The prerequisites are POL 429, Seminar in Policy Analysis, in addition to three courses in American government and/or in Political Issues and Public Policy. Students with other majors can take this program as a minor in Public Service (see above). Students are provided with housing and are placed in full-time internships (4.5 days per week) in congressional offices, interest groups, or executive agencies in the D.C. area. A seminar related to the student’s work and offered by qualified academics under the aegis of the WC is taken for credit by the student as a part of the credits earned for the semester. An analytical paper of 25-35 pages comparing the practical experience of the intern with some of the academic literature on the policy issue area examined by the intern is required. This paper is worth a final 3 credits for a total of 15 credits for the fall and spring semester internships or 12 for the summer program. All credits are in political science. The internship POL 337, Washington Semester Internship is graded on a Pass/Fail basis. POL 338, Washington Semester Seminar and POL 339, Washington Semester Directed Research are graded on a regular “A” to “F” scale.

Students pay regular tuition for the 12 or 15 credits they receive for the internship. Students are responsible for housing costs in apartments provided by the Washington Center (WC). The WC also provides the placement, guidance, and supervision of the interns while in Washington, with a member of the Political Science Department serving as a liaison person. The only expenses the student must meet beyond this are for food and transportation. Scholarships are available.


Students have an opportunity to serve in the state legislature for the spring semester. Students will take courses and seminars in Albany. Internships of 6 or 9 credits must be taken with both 358 and 359, for a total of 12 or 15 credits. Open to majors in all departments and schools, preference is given to juniors and first semester seniors. Applications should normally be made one calendar year in advance of the internship semester.

Prerequisites: POL 101 and completion of 6 credits of political science under one of the following options (to be chosen by the department in consultation with the intern).

Off-Campus Events and Experiences

Local internships with local and national legislators are encouraged, as is participation in national and international conferences and symposia.

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