Diverse, state-of-the-art physics labs and equipment facilitate learning.


  • Quantum and nonlinear optics laboratory
  • Large holography and laser optics laboratory with a one-meter spectrometer
  • Trace gas analysis research laboratory
  • Light instructional laboratory
  • Modern physics instructional laboratory
  • Electronics instructional laboratory
  • First-year physics computerized instructional laboratory
  • Student computer lab
  • Laser cooling and trapping laboratory
  • Observatory, with a Meade 14-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with GPS alignment and tracking mechanism, CCD camera and computer

The Physics Department has extensive equipment to facilitate studies including:

  • Student computer lab
  • Machine shop with a Bridgeport milling machine, lathe, drill presses, power saws and other machining equipment
  • More than 10 optical tables
  • Extensive computerized instructional experiments
  • A variety of lasers, including argon ion, titanium:sapphire, various diode, dye, He:Ne and krypton ion.
  • Precision optics
  • Ultra-high vacuum systems

Physics Lab Equipment

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