The Artivist Award, sponsored by Sing For Hope, recognizes artivists who use their creative talents to drive meaningful social change.

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Through this award, Sing For Hope honors those who embody the intersection of art and activism and inspire positive impact in their communities. Each season, Artivist Award recipients are chosen by an interdisciplinary independent committee for their exceptional contributions to society and dedication to advancing social justice. We are thrilled to celebrate these extraordinary individuals and the transformative work they do through The Artivist Award Sponsored by Sing For Hope.

Fall 2023: Award Recipients

Brenda Perez

Founder, Restorative Justice for the Arts, Mural Restoration Campaign.

Spring 2023: Award Recipients

Anastasia Samara

“Photography for the Blind” project by Inclusive Lines.

Aggeliki Kosma

“Photography for the Blind” project by Inclusive Lines.

Fall 2022: Award Recipients

Monica Mayer

A Few of My Long-Term Feminist Art Projects (1978-2022).

Micah Oelze

Orchestrating Activism: Notes on Music, Audience and History from 1930’s Brazil.

Spring 2022: Award Recipients

Stela Anastasaki

Towards a More Inclusive Culture: Opening Art and Culture to People with Visual Impairment, the Mind’s Eye

Garyfalia Terizaki

The Cultural Center at the Public Central Library of Kalamata (P.C.L KALAMATA): Using Art, a Universal Language, as a Means of Communication and Expression

Spring 2021: Award Recipient

Cynthia Tobar

¿Dónde puedo ir? Searching for home

Fall 2021: Award Recipients

Eirini Linardaki

Cultures of Sharing, Research and Exhibition Project in New York and Athens

Nina Bellisio

From Invisibility to Community- Teaching the Practice of Creativity

The Power of Art for Social Transformation
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