Learn how to use CLASS to register for courses.


The planning time frame for registration each semester begins approximately three to four weeks before pre-registration begins. Check the Academic Calendar for specific dates. In consultation with your adviser, you’ll select the courses appropriate for your course of study, and select alternates (in case a course you’ve selected isn’t available).

Advisor Approval

Your academic schedule must be approved by an adviser before you can register. It is recommended that you pick out courses in person with your adviser and enter the courses into the CLASS system together. Your adviser can then approve your courses immediately and you will be able to register at your appointed registration time assigned to you based on how many credits you have earned. You can find your registration time in CLASS.

You may also submit your course selections to an adviser electronically for approval. To do so, you must enter the courses you would like into the “My Registration” section of CLASS and then press the “Submit” button. This notifies your adviser that you are seeking schedule approval. Advisers generally require an in-person meeting to discuss your planned schedule before approving it. Until your adviser approves the courses, it will say “pending” next to each course selection. Once your adviser approves your courses, this designation will change to “Adviser approved.” You will then be able to register at your appointed registration time. Schedule a meeting with your adviser well in advance of your appointed registration time, not at the last minute!

Registration Time

At your appointed time, you will enter the “My Registration” section of CLASS and press the “Submit” button to finalize your semester registration. You’ll immediately be able to see your course confirmation, listing your courses and their location when you go back to your registration screen. Remember: you are not registered for your courses until you hit the Submit button and it says “Registered” next to each course. If it continues to say “adviser approved” next to course after you submitted the registration, the course no longer has any seats available.

The “My Course Confirmation” page displays the listing of all courses you have registered for in a given semester. Listed are the course number, title, credits, meeting time, meeting place, and instructor.

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