Social action is a very important part of social work practice and therefore of social work education.

Social Workers add our voices to those of our clients and communities, creating a more informed society and raising awareness of social injustices and the need for change. Advocating for social change shows our clients that we are not only listening to their concerns, but we are also helping to eradicate systemic barriers, flawed policies, and funding shortages.

Adelphi University’s School of Social Work organizes an annual, school-wide, social action initiative to address an important area of social justice and to create an impact in our communities while providing opportunities for our social work students to learn skills of social action. All undergraduate and graduate social work students enrolled in field courses during the current academic year are required to participate in the social action initiative. Students who are not enrolled in field courses are encouraged to voluntarily participate in these social action projects as well.

Social Work and Social Action

These student-centered social action activities honor our students’ choices, preferences, and leadership skills. Types of projects include:

  • films of expert interviews
  • social media campaigns
  • Twitter Q&As
  • news videos
  • StoryCorps interviews
  • legislative advocacy
  • posters for academic conferences

Social Action Project Themes

Students learn the skills of social action by DOING social action—focusing on the issues that matter to them! With hundreds of students working together toward increased awareness, practice change, and policy reform for social justice, the social action initiative holds the potential for real impacts.

Environmental Justice

The topic addressed by the social action initiative in the spring of 2022 was environmental justice.

Racial Justice

The topic addressed by the social action initiative in the spring of 2021 was racial justice.

Social Action Project Coordinators

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