Contributed by Ervine Kimerling, Heide Gersh Rosner & Selina Higgins, New York City Administration for Children’s Services.

  • Five Key Commitments of the Administration for Children’s Services (PDF / DOC)
  • Description of the ChildStat Initiative (PDF / DOC)
  • Children’s Services Domestic Violence (PDF)
  • Creating a Domestic Violence Safety Plan (PDF / DOC)
  • Children’s Services Domestic Violence Screening Tool (PDF)
  • Working with Parents Experiencing Domestic Violence (PDF / DOC)
  • Finding the Best Placements for Our Youth (PDF / DOC)
  • Children’s Services’ Policy Regarding Kinship Care (PDF / DOC)
  • Legal Issues: Removal Flow Chart (PDF / DOC)
  • A Trip through Family Court (PDF / DOC)
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