We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of students.

As a professional counseling service, our staff is required to restrict the sharing of counseling-related information. In accordance with professional ethics and New York state law, any information disclosed in the context of a professional counseling relationship is considered confidential. This means that what is shared by a student in counseling sessions is not discussed with any person outside of the Student Counseling Center (SCC), with the following exceptions: (1) the student gives written permission to share their counseling-related information with a third party; (2) a counselor believes that the student may harm themselves or another person; (3) a counselor suspects the abuse by the student of a child Unless the counselor has obtained a signed release from a student, or perceives that a student may be in immediate danger, the SCC will not be able to share any information.

We understand that parents and families often feel they should be able to know about what student may be discussing in counseling, and that confidentiality requirements are often a source of frustration. We encourage family members who desire to know more about their particular student’s counseling experience to talk with their student. On the whole, students tend to respond positively to open, honest communication. Though at times a student may choose to limit family involvement, we find that the majority appreciate parental and family concern, acceptance, and guidance in the midst of the struggles they may face while at Adelphi.

However, please do not hesitate to contact the SCC if you have concerns about your student. Although we are not able to confirm or deny that your student is known to us, we are always willing to talk with you about supporting your students and effective ways to encourage your student to seek help.

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