The Department of Public Safety and Transportation patrols the entire campus and surrounding area, protect life and property, and work with Health Services to ensure that those sick or injured receive prompt medical treatment.

We also respond to and investigate reports of crime, enforce traffic regulations, fire safety, and conduct crime-prevention programs and seminars.

We maintain a close working relationship with the Garden City, Hempstead, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Poughkeepsie and the New York City police departments, all of which provide police services, including criminal investigation and emergency services.

Although Adelphi Public Safety Officers are not peace officers and therefore do not have authority to make arrests as such, they do provide crime-scene services pending the response of the law enforcement agency concerned.

A Message from the Executive Director of Public Safety

Adelphi University has long been committed to maintaining a comprehensive safety and crime prevention program for all members of the Adelphi community. With the assistance of our student, faculty and staff, and through the cooperative efforts of the Garden City community and local law enforcement agencies, this program has contributed to what we believe is an excellent record of safety.

This website is designed to inform you of the extensive Public Safety services performed by the University, and to assure you that while Garden City remains one of the safest neighborhoods on Long Island, and Adelphi University one of the safest campuses in the country, we remain as determined as ever to be vigilant about concerns for safety.

Working together as a community, we will continue to ensure a safe environment for everyone at Adelphi University.

Raymond Hughes
Executive Director
Department of Public Safety and Transportation

Who We Are

Our staff and carefully selected and trained male and female officers, many of whom have law enforcement backgrounds, are here to keep you safe. Officers provide vehicle, bicycle and foot patrols to the entire campus.

Public Safety Bike Patrol Unit

The Department of Public Safety Bike Patrol Unit operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, weather permitting. These officers perform the identical duties as other uniformed officers on campus however; they are able to navigate more easily throughout the campus.

Benefits of having the bike unit on campus include:

  • Promoting high visibility of the officers which enables the campus community to feel safer while moving about the campus.
  • It allows the officer to be more approachable by the students, faculty, staff and visitors, enabling the officer to interact more easily with the community.
  • Bike patrol officers are able to conduct routine patrol functions as they are able to perform numerous other functions that a patrol officer in a vehicle would not be able to complete.
Bike Patrol Officer Speaking with Students on campus

Please do not hesitate to approach an Adelphi bike officer and ask questions.

Phone Number
Levermore Hall, 113
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