Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship

We challenge our students to ask questions. Solve problems. Think about “what if?” And the Adelphi faculty is leading by example in a perpetual quest for knowledge.

Student Research

Opportunities for student research enrich an Adelphi education.

Academic and Creative Research Magazine

Adelphi’s 2023 Academic and Creative Research Magazine showcases thematic connections in our faculty’s research and creative work across disciplines.

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It Starts With a Hypothesis

Independent research and collaborative projects. Experiments and inventions. Artistic creations and performances. Trial and error. Risks, rewards. Data, lots of data.

You will find these scholarly and creative pursuits in many forms at Adelphi. Undergraduate students gain career-boosting experience as research assistants in faculty labs and, unlike many other universities, they’re also encouraged to embark on projects of their own. Master’s and doctoral candidates are drawn to Adelphi for its reputation of innovative graduate-level research—with personal support from distinguished faculty in small, supportive classes.

And our faculty—the heart of Adelphi—keep the spirit of discovery alive in their labs and studios, in fields and forests, and anywhere a big question might lead.

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Scholarship and Creativity at Adelphi

Exciting things are happening at Adelphi. See what’s garnering our faculty’s attention internationally, earning our students top awards and fellowships, keeping undergrad lab assistants busy—and what goes on behind the scenes as we support and share these efforts.

Faculty Scholarship and Creative Works

A nationally recognized doctoral university, we’ve nurtured an environment where our faculty explore their creativity, engage in critical inquiry, contribute new knowledge, mentor researchers and receive recognition for their achievements.

Student Research and Projects

Adelphi students have access to hands-on learning opportunities that their peers at larger institutions would never find at the undergraduate level. They serve as lab assistants, pursue independent research, co-author papers with faculty mentors and present at academic conferences.

Annual Scholarship and Creative Works Conference

Our spring celebration of scholarship and creativity brings us together to learn and share as a community. Graduate and undergraduate students display posters, give presentations and answer questions about their work. You might hear chemistry students discussing gene therapy, social work students sharing solutions for veteran housing, poetry students reciting their latest work or young entrepreneurs sharing their million-dollar business ideas.

Supporting Our Scholars

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs helps faculty researchers find funding opportunities, prepare and edit proposals, manage awarded projects and communicate with external partners. The office also offers consultations and training.

Solar Energy Research Shines

Adelphi students will return to Poland for eight weeks of collaboration with the University of Warsaw on a solar energy project funded by a $300,000 National Science Foundation grant.

Faculty Spotlight: Scholars & Artists

Creating Culturally Competent Teachers

Fayth Vaughn-Shavuo, PhD, senior adjunct faculty member, and Professor Pavan John Antony, EdD are co-authors of Creating Culturally Competent Teachers in Higher Education as a Consequence of Cultural Immersion (Springer, 2022). The book presents a model to prepare culturally responsive teachers by providing a road map for teacher preparatory programs and giving valuable fieldwork knowledge for cultural responsiveness.

Research on Home Healthcare for Older Americans

College of Nursing and Public Health Assistant Professor Zainab Toteh Osakwe ’06, PhD, discusses the importance of home health aides for the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic in New York—and the role of the Clinical Education and Simulation Lab (CESiL) home-care setting in nurses’ training.

Transforming STEM in Higher Education

Adelphi University’s Professor Lawrence Hobbie, PhD, and Associate Professor Eugenia Villa-Cuesta, PhD, discuss their multidisciplinary effort to inspire diverse students to enter the STEM workforce through the STEM2 Network. This project is funded by a five-year, $500,000 National Science Foundation grant and involves collaboration with biology, chemistry and math faculty at four other local institutions.

Adelphi’s Pulitzer Prize-Winning Composer, Paul Moravec

Adelphi’s first Celebration of Scholarly Research and Creative Works video features an interview with University Professor Paul Moravec, DMA, who has created nearly 200 music compositions—including the Pulitzer Prize-winning Tempest Fantasy, inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. One of his four operas was based on Stephen King’s novel The Shining.

Explore the Adelphi Difference

An Adelphi education transforms lives in many ways. Students at all levels and disciplines have the chance to participate in experiential learning, including research, through classes, labs, projects, clinical experiences, internships, community service and more.

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