Mentorship of Faculty

The Office of the Provost is committed to faculty retention, creating an atmosphere of advocacy and respect, and ensuring accessibility for its entire faculty by offering an active faculty mentoring program.

At Adelphi, we believe that supporting faculty members through tenure and promotion is essential for academic success. As an institution, we believe the successful mentorship of faculty members benefits not just the professors but our students. In the mentorship programs, we engage in sharing knowledge, provide support needed and help faculty to be more engaged at what is happening at the University level.

The Faculty Mentoring Academy, administered by the Office of the Provost, is open to all faculty at Adelphi University.

The Untenured Faculty Luncheon has been an Adelphi tradition of supporting junior faculty so that they can achieve success in their academic careers. Mentoring untenured faculty begins at the unit level of each school and college as each dean follows a strategic plan specific to the unit. Colleges and schools are encouraged to offer orientations to new faculty to develop a culture of collegiality and support.

The luncheon is a way to bring together all faculty members to provide resources and relationships of support as they go through the process of tenure and promotion. The luncheon is also a way to empower faculty to better manage the requirements of teaching, scholarship and service.

Some of the discussions revolve around the following themes:

  • Tips on scholarship
  • Planning your road map to tenure and promotion
  • Workshops for research and teaching
  • Faculty development grants

The Associate Professors Luncheon was established in 2020 by the Office of the Provost with the goal of promoting the development of associate professors on their journey to full professors. The luncheon meetings provide faculty members with knowledge and resources on how to better prepare for the process of applying for full promotion.

Some of the discussions revolve around the following themes:

  • Expectations, policies and procedures for applying for full professorship
  • Applying for promotion

Faculty of Color Network (FOCN)

Mission and Work

A Community

The Faculty of Color Network’s mission, in part, is to encourage, support and promote a community of faculty, staff and students throughout the University, first by creating a safe space/place of sharing and support for the ones who wish to create and cultivate a culture of acceptance, belonging, discovery and growth.

Achievement of our mission will come to fruition via advocacy programs, direct dialogue and strategic actions that we, as a group, fully support, plan, develop and implement.

For Faculty of Color

The FOCN’s aim is to enhance the retention and promotion of faculty (full-time and adjuncts) by promoting professional development, mentoring, community involvement and social events at the University.

For Students

The FOCN aims to support the admission, retention and overall success of students of color during their college life at the University.

For the University Community

The FOCN will support its constituents and advocate for the education of the larger community by providing awareness concerning issues that surround and affect (directly or indirectly) faculty, staff and students of color.


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