All programs and departments undergo rigorous, periodic review involving both self-study and external evaluations every seven years.

The review process consists of:

  1. A self-study conducted by program faculty, students. and alumni.
  2. A review of the self-study by school and University administrators.
  3. External evaluation of the program by two expert consultants working as a team.
  4. The formulation of plans which encompass proposed changes and improvements in the curriculum, delivery of instruction or services, and composition of the program.

External Academic Program Review Guidelines (PDF)
External Academic Program Review Schedule (PDF)

In general, the review focuses on the relationship between the curriculum and the University mission, pedagogy, scholarship and external imperatives. Indications of student learning and satisfaction, as well as trends in enrollment, faculty expertise, curriculum currency, scholarship, and institutional support, are all important components of the self-study.

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