Assistantships for students in the MA in General Psychology program is a way to obtain financial assistance and gain experience within the program in a variety of settings.

The General Psychology program offers up to five graduate assistantships per year. The funding may vary, depending on the University budget for the academic year. Payment is provided in the form of tuition remission, with half of the total amount given for the fall semester and the other half for the spring semester.

Assistantships are designed to engage students in faculty scholarly activities such as research recruitment, data analysis, report writing, conference preparation, and presentation support. Some assistantships also involve administrative work.

Eligibility for Assistantships

Assistants work up to 10 hours per week for 15 weeks. Hours may vary from week to week, depending on the scheduling needs of the assigned faculty member. 

All students who are interested in a graduate assistantship must be in good academic standing and have sufficient time available to complete the assistantship requirements. Full-time course loads, job commitments, and other factors will be considered when evaluating applications.

Types of Assistantships

Three types of assistantships are available to students in Derner master’s programs:

  1. Research assistants work directly with faculty members. They conduct literature reviews; collect data for research projects and help organize, analyze and process; and assist professors with tasks related to teaching classes.
  2. Teaching assistants work with faculty members and students as an instructional resource.
  3. Departmental assistants provide help with clerical work; conduct literature reviews; work with faculty members to organize assignments; file, organize and compile admissions data; and facilitate admissions interviews and conference registrations. 
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