We’ve provided answers below to the questions we have been most frequently asked about the language requirement by prospective and current students.

It is recommended that students begin working toward their foreign language proficiency within their first 30 credits at Adelphi. Students are urged to complete the Language requirement in consecutive semesters if possible, as gaps in language instruction tend to affect student performance adversely.

Placement in second semester doesn’t mean you did badly on the test, because high school and college levels just don’t correspond. It’s fairly normal to place into second semester after a number of years of middle school or high school language.

No, just sign up for the next level.

If you feel you are sufficiently proficient to test at a high level of competency you can take the NYU online test, for which there is a fee. Keep in mind that we do not offer Hungarian at Adelphi and if your test results show that you still need a semester or two you would have to take it elsewhere.

Your adviser will have access to scores and can look it up for you.

Please contact Jill Wishney in Adelphi’s Ruth S. Ammon School of Education at wishney@adelphi.edu or 516.877.4770.

You should take the supervised competency exam on campus. If it’s a language not offered at Adelphi you can take the NYU exam.

No. Your level has simply been assessed. To “place out” you must take the supervised competency exam on campus.

No. You can just sign up for Level I of the language you want.


Please call Sara Aponte-Olivieri at 516.877.4050 to make an appointment to take the language competency exam.

The answer is NO if the student chooses to receive the other degree. For instance if a student was double majoring in Studio Art (BFA) and History and the student chose to receive the BFA s/he wouldn’t have to meet the language requirement because it is tied to the degree, not the major. Another example is a double major that includes an Arts and Sciences BA and a Derner BA for a psych major. If the students chooses the Derner degree s/he doesn’t have to meet the language requirement.

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