Why do we have a University Policy Library?

Goal Five of our Momentum strategic plan requires the University to demonstrate financial and operational strength. In response, the University began the process of making our administrative policies open, transparent, clear and easily accessed by all within our community—as well as visitors to our site, contractors and others around the country and the world. The University researched best practices at other institutions with regard to policies, and this policy library reflects that research.

Why do we need University policies?

A University policy clearly states the University’s position on a particular issue. It connects the University’s mission to the everyday actions of its community and clarifies the expectations of all our members. For more information, see What Is a University Policy?

We understand that these policies become a reflection of who we are and what we do, and this requires a commitment to keep them updated. We now have a format for new policy development as well as a way to update and change policies based on feedback from the community. We welcome your comments, suggestions and thoughts on how to make the policy library as helpful as it can be.

Policy Library

Adelphi University aims to increase awareness of policies to our employees, faculty, students and the greater community.
Policies at Adelphi University
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