1. Assessment of current process for schools requiring health clearances for students to attend internships or clinical sites.  Multiple schools across campus require students who are in internships or clinical sites to provide multiple types of clearances to go to the sites.  Besides health records, they may need drug testing, finger printing, etc.  There are multiple issues related to FERPA, HIPAA and storage of these documents by departments, access to student workers, etc.  Tracking this information as well as processing it to the outside entities is a tremendous workload requiring several additional employees in multiple departments.  The OEC will perform an analysis to include the following:
    1. Determine which schools require the clearances
    2. Map the process currently in place to obtain the clearance in each school
    3. Prepare recommendations on how we can streamline the process
  2. Booking event spaces.  Multiple systems are currently in place dependent on the location of space.  Meeting spaces across campus are managed by various departments.  This adds to the challenges for the end user to book spaces and coordinate events.  The OEC will provide an analysis which includes the following:
    1. Review and map the current process for faculty, students and staff to book meeting spaces across all spaces available throughout the campus and the centers
    2. Make recommendations for improvements to the process

If you have a process that you would like OEC to review, please visit our nomination page.

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