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Adelphi's Women's Giving Circle at the 2022 President's Gala

In 2023, Adelphi University’s Women’s Giving Circle celebrated its 12th year by awarding $29,660 to 12 innovative projects, programs and research that will benefit the Adelphi community.

The grant funds, approved by the organization in May 2023, range from $1,500 to $5,000.

The Women’s Giving Circle, a partnership of powerhouse women philanthropists, addresses the needs of the Adelphi community. Working together, the Circle, composed of faculty, alumni and community members, has awarded a total of more than $315,000 in grants and seed money over the course of 12 years, while promoting women’s roles as leaders, creators, philanthropists, developers and managers of creative projects by and for Adelphi. Members of the Circle make yearly contributions to generate funds for the grants that are pooled together and awarded annually.

“The Women’s Giving Circle is celebrating the incredible accomplishment of 12 years of giving,” said Lynda Perdomo-Ayala ’78, Adelphi Women’s Giving Circle chair and founding member. “For 12 years, this group has made a significant impact on people at Adelphi by providing funding to more than 50 projects and dozens of scholarship recipients.”

The recipients funded in 2023 include:

“Take The Lead” Hispanic Heritage Month Event ($5,000)

The Latin American and Latinx Studies program hosted a Hispanic Heritage Month event dedicated to connecting Adelphi students, alumni and faculty to community leaders from across Long Island.

Women’s Leadership Conference ($5,000)

This annual event is a powerful day of learning and networking, where exceptional alumnae and community members across industries share experiences and advice on how to thrive in today’s ever-changing world.

Facilitating Success in Accelerated Nursing Students ($3,000)

Conduct a pilot study to evaluate Adelphi’s accelerated nursing students who have achieved a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing and are interested in joining the nursing profession. The study will help identify barriers these students have encountered so that faculty can further develop the accelerated students’ program and help address crucial nursing shortages.

Bridges to Adelphi Job Placement Coordinator ($3,000)

The goal of hiring a job placement coordinator at Adelphi is to help the Bridges to Adelphi program build partnerships with professional corporations to create employment and internship opportunities for students in the program.

Women’s Giving Circle Endowment ($3,000)

The Women’s Giving Circle Endowment is a permanent fund at Adelphi to which the WGC contributes regularly.

Green Dot Adelphi ($2,160)

Green Dot is a nationally recognized, comprehensive primary prevention and bystander engagement program for universities and colleges to prevent dating violence, sexual violence and stalking.

Essay Contest Winner, Graduating Senior Student ($2,000)

Since 2014, the Circle has conducted an essay contest for Adelphi’s graduating undergraduate students, allocating $1,500 to be presented to the winner and providing $500 to be donated to the winner’s charity of choice.

Essay Contest Winner, Graduating Graduate Student ($2,000)

The Circle is conducting its first essay contest for graduate students. The WGC allocates $1,500 to be presented to the winner and provides $500 to be donated to the winner’s charity of choice.

Community Garden ($2,000)

This fund will enhance the community garden at Adelphi’s Garden City campus by providing benches and signage to help make it an inviting sanctuary for the Adelphi community. The garden also provides students with access to fresh produce, which they can pick up at the Panther Pantry.

Mother Scholar Career Success Program ($2,000)

The College of Professional and Continuing Studies Mother Scholar scholarship provides $1,000 awards to students who are single mothers trying to complete their undergraduate degrees. The awards give financial support for child care or digital tools to facilitate their coursework and degree completion.

Grant-in-Aid for a Senior Student ($1,500)

Since 2014, the WGC has allotted funds to financially assist a student in their senior year who is suddenly in need to bridge the tuition gap and graduate.

Women’s Giving Circle Grant-in-Aid for Graduate Student ($1,500)

In Spring 2016, the Circle allocated funds to be set aside for graduate students who are facing challenging circumstances preventing them from continuing their studies without emergency financial support.

The Circle’s endowment currently stands at $49,220 and the Circle’s Endowed Scholarship stands at $120,797.

“We are thrilled that we had so many worthy projects to support with our pooled resources,” said Perdomo-Ayala. “I am proud to be a part of this group of philanthropic women who make such a difference in the lives of others. As we think about our next 20 years, I invite more women to join our Circle.”

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