May 12, 2017 - A large cyber attack has affected hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Windows computers worldwide.

Media outlets have been reporting since May 12 that a large cyber attack has affected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide. The attack exploits a weakness in Microsoft Windows and, if successful, will encrypt all data files on a computer. In order to regain access to the files, a ransom must be paid.

Adelphi IT has been monitoring the situation and has verified that all required updates have been applied to University computers. As a result, no University computers have been affected to date.

Although the University’s computers are protected, we also want to make sure you take precautions to ensure the safety of your information on your personal computers. Please remember to install recommended updates on your operating system, back up your files, change your passwords regularly, and recognize and report suspicious emails.

Please see these useful links on the Adelphi IT website for how to proactively avoid such malware.

While University computers have not been affected, this is likely only the first wave of this attack. Our team will continue to monitor the threat and apply necessary patches.

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