William Jacobowitz, Ed.D., brings more than 25 years' experience to the College of Nursing and Public Health.

by Stephen Levine

“I’m interested in making a change on a larger scale and toward a higher degree of quality in nursing and public health.”—William Jacobowitz, Ed.D.

For William Jacobowitz, Ed.D., assistant professor of the College of Nursing and Public Health, helping people has always been in his plans. From an interest in clinical nursing to working as a nurse psychotherapist, Dr. Jacobowitz’s  focus has stretched beyond the Adelphi University campus.

Dr. Jacobowitz earned an M.S. in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing and an M.P.H. in Policy and Management from Columbia University, as well as a doctorate in behavioral health education from Columbia’s Teachers College. Since then, he has held numerous leadership positions in psychiatric facilities across the New York region.

“I’m interested in making a change on a larger scale and toward a higher degree of quality in nursing and public health. I wanted to influence the way an organization approaches the treatment of patients.” That,” he added, “drove me to pursue an M.P.H. in Policy and Management and to seek positions in nursing administration.”

All of his experience is welcomed at Adelphi, as Dr. Jacobowitz currently teaches M.P.H. classes, in addition to bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. nursing courses.

While Dr. Jacobowitz is interested in helping Adelphi health care programs reach beyond the Adelphi community, the University is making great enhancements on campus with a new ultramodern facility. Due for completion by Fall 2015, the building will house the College of Nursing and Public Health, including state-of-the-art simulation labs.

“I think certainly that [the Nexus Building] will go a long way in advancing the quality of teaching and provide a physical environment consistent with that quality,” he explained.

Dr. Jacobowitz’s more than 25 years’ experience—consisting of senior leadership positions at various psychiatric facilities throughout New York—is certainly beneficial to students in his Mental Health Nursing, Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing and Seminar in Evaluation Processes for Nurse Leaders courses.

“It allows me to provide students with real-life scenarios and they are able to take the theory and associate it with these scenarios,” he said.

Dr. Jacobowitz, who is also a board-certified psychiatric clinical nurse specialist in private practice, has conducted research on stress and violence in the workplace among psychiatric inpatient nursing staff.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Jacobowitz, a member of the College’s Research Council, oversees the annual Scholarship Day, providing nursing students with the opportunity to present their own research in an academic or professional setting. After the 2011 Scholarship Day, he said, “[It] is an opportunity for undergraduate nursing students to share their ideas about the topics that they believe need further inquiry within the nursing profession and the healthcare field as a whole.”

Dr. Jacobowitz, who estimated that nursing students develop about 30 posters each year, said he derives satisfaction from being able to facilitate their top-notch research and see the pride they take in that work.

Regarding the College’s new direction, he observed, “I am very optimistic about the field of healthcare for nursing and public health students. For reasons related to the need to improve quality and the efficiency in the delivery of health care in American society, I expect many new roles and opportunities will develop over the next decade,” he said. “It invariably will remain a leading source of employment, especially given the aging of the population.”

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