Mark Grabowski, J.D., associate professor, comments on the controversial change in oversight of ICANN.

President Obama made headlines with his decision to give up sole control of the nonprofit that oversees the Internet—the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)—to a multi-stakeholder international governing body. The hand-off took place on September 30, 2016. Mark Grabowski, J.D., associate professor of communications in the Adelphi University College of Arts and Sciences, has commented extensively on the handover.

Grabowksi told USA Today that although the Department of Commerce has been hands off in its oversight of the contract, it provided a safety valve.

“You knew if anything really went wrong you’d have the U.S. government to step in,” Grabowski said. “We really won’t know for three to five years whether this was something to worry about or not, whether the proponents can truthfully say, ‘We told you so,’ or the people who were critical had a point.”

Grabowksi also penned an op-ed that was published by the Washington Examiner. He wrote: “In short, having global oversight is a matter of fairness. But it lacks a good plan.”

Read the Washington Examiner op-ed.

Read the USA Today article.

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