Yet another school shooting has occurred. My heart goes out to all who are personally affected by any of these tragic events.

Dear Adelphi Community,

Yet another school shooting has occurred. My heart goes out to all who are personally affected by any of these tragic events.

I have taken notice—and I am sure you have too—of how young people, students in particular, around the country are now tenaciously calling for change and demanding a solution to protect them from acts of mass violence at schools and on campuses. I know the discussion is taking place among organizations here at Adelphi, and our student newspaper The Delphian asked for my comments for their recent article about the shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 15 students and two teachers.

Many of America’s young people are exercising their first amendment right to raise their voices in peaceful demonstration—at their schools and in Washington, D.C. I encourage them to be safe, considerate and always mindful of their principled goal. I also applaud them for their courage to stand up and be heard on an issue that impacts them—rather directly.

I’m also proud to reassure future Panthers on the matter of peaceful demonstration. Adelphi Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Kristen Capezza announced that a student’s peaceful participation will not affect their admission decision at Adelphi, joining hundreds of other admissions officers taking a similar stance.

I think you’ll agree that every time another school shooting happens in our country, it intensifies our collective concerns and fears.

Now seems like an appropriate time to reassure our Adelphi campus community—as well as future students and families, alumni, friends, visitors and neighbors—that the safety of every person on all our campuses is my highest concern. 

Adelphi is ranked in the top 5% in campus safety in New York, and we are dedicated to keeping it that way. 

But what does that mean to you exactly?

  • It means our neighborhood is relatively safe. We are located in a small, suburban, incorporated village, where the local Garden City police force and emergency services are a nearby supplement to the larger county services that serve and protect our area.
  • It means our University has strict safety procedures and policies in place. In fact, our policy regarding weapons on campus is found in Section 10 of the Code of Conduct—it prohibits use, storage or possession of any gun, even if the person has a license.
  • It means we are vigilant. We practice our responses to emergencies regularly and often; our Department of Public Safety is trained and prepared; and our local first responders are in contact with us regularly.
  • It means we are informed. Our Department of Public Safety partners with local law enforcement, the Adelphi Counseling Center, Residential Life and Housing, Athletics and Health Services to help keep the entire community healthfully educated and prepared on issues ranging from pedestrian safety to lockdown drills for active shooter scenarios on campus.
  • It means we are committed to being prepared. Ours was one of the first institutions of higher education in the country to implement a Threat Assessment Team in response to the shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007. Led by Executive Director of Public Safety Robert Hughes, it comprises 18 department heads and a wide range of specialized health and support service field members as well as the Garden City police.
  • It means your safety is our highest priority when you are here. Getting immediate assistance from Public Safety is as easy as dialing 5 from any campus phone or using any of our blue light call box phones all around campus.
  • It means anyone who calls our campus home, school, work or simply a place to visit can feel safe here. If not, you can confidently report it. We are committed to investigating all safety concerns that are raised.

Finally, I genuinely thank our Department of Public Safety and the entire Adelphi community for being diligent and dedicated to keeping our University fun, healthy, safe and welcoming for all.

In the next few days, you will receive additional communication and outreach from Public Safety about our safety protocol. In the meantime, here is a link to their site with critical information:

Together, let’s keep our community safe.

All the best,

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Christine M. Riordan, Ph.D.

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